Monday, December 12, 2016


So my comp has bronchitis (nobody got time for that) and I have a little cough but over all I'm good.
I'm not teaching a whole lot because of the sick comp. Time is moving slow but hey, it's going good, it's better than I thought it would be. The Mesa Ward is making it so much better. I'm still a little home sick but nothing too bad. It's hard but I love El Paso and my comp aka my dad ( they call your trainer your dad)

I'm still trying to figure this whole mission thing out. But hey, that's why I'm here. One thing that's hard is all the little rules and how you have to be perfectly obedient. 

I had to bike 5 miles to church yesterday because we went over the miles for our car. My comp is the district leader and he had to take trips outside our area that he wasn't planning on so thats why we went over. So we got our car taken away for 3 days. We biked a total of 10 miles yesterday so that was fun... hahaha. They had an extra bike in the apartment that I used. 

Mom, I haven't had to speak in church yet and I do think thats a blessing.

I love you guys, I love my sisters, I love the goat, I love Sophie and I hope everyone is doing well!

 Love you! <3 <3

This was from a member in the ward they are serving in:
 Dinner with the missionaries is always spiritually strengthening! We love Elder Jensen and Elder Schmitt!

Mesa Ward Christmas party

Monday, December 5, 2016

Well the first week has been interesting and awesome.  My companion is great!  We really hit it off. He is from Missouri his name is Elder Schmitt and he has been serving for 13 months. I taught my first lesson. It was half in Spanish and half in English. I went  on splits with the Spanish speaking elders for the day. I had a blast. I've done like 15 minutes of tracting this week. There's not a lot  of tracting down here, like 1 in every 100 will let you in and out of that 1 in 50 will take lessons. 

Things are going good. I'm just trying to figure this all out. So far I'm loving it. It's different but I love it. It's 100000 times better than the MTC. The days are long but we try to stay busy. 
Meeting the people has been my favorite part.

Oh yeah, when you step out of my apartment you can see Mexico. 

I was in a live nativity for the stake I am in. So thats cool. 

Still no soda! Still going strong!

Well I'm going to sign off. I love you. Talk to you next week. I hope you are doing ok. Love ya all. My companion says time flies on a mission I hope so.

Love you. 

- elder jensen 


Elder Jensen with his cute cousin at the live nativity for the stake.

Elder Jensen and his companion Elder Schmitt

The missionaries in the stake acting in the live nativity
Doesn't look like El Paso to me.
El Paso